Student Life

ASB (Student Government)

It is the aim of our ASB Government to encourage the development of leadership through directed study and practical experiences while fulfilling the Mission of the school. Events throughout the year include rallies, school dances and the Junior Unity Ceremony.

ASB Elected Officials

ASB President - Dean Osborne

ASB Vice President - Celeste Clink

ASB Spirit Commissioner - Ally Wilson

ASB Treasurer - Ani Azarapetian

ASB Student Affairs - Sarah Waters

ASB Publicity - Cate Plunkett

ASB Activities  - Sabrina Lemus

ASB Historian - Payton Kisiel

Senior Class President
 - Abby Cohen

Senior Class Treasurer - Stephen Franke

Junior Class President
- Sean Korey 

Junior Class Vice President - Camila Wilson

Junior Class Treasurer - Michelle Tsujimoto

Junior Class Spirit Commissioner - Bianca Shkolnikov

Sophomore Class President - Gavin Villalobos

Sophomore Class Vice President Rachel Kim

Sophomore Class Treasurer - Molly Kearns

Freshman Class President
 - George Chumo

Freshman Class Vice President Garon Maxon

Freshman Class Treasurer - Darveen An

Freshman Class Spirit Commissioner - Nathaniel Rondan
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