Student Life

ASB (Student Government)

It is the aim of our ASB Government to encourage the development of leadership through directed study and practical experiences while fulfilling the Mission of the school. Events throughout the year include rallies, school dances and the Junior Unity Ceremony.

ASB Elected Officials

ASB President - Peyton Jacks

ASB Vice President - Madi Stein

ASB Spirit Commissioner - Sophie Bodis 

ASB Treasurer - Benjamin Aguilera

ASB Student Affairs - DJ Poyer

ASB Intramurals Commissioner - Isabella Ferrucci

ASB Publicity Commissioner - Ela Rybak 

ASB Historian - Anna Dunlap 

Class Representatives

List of 4 items.

  • Senior Class

    President - Rami Saad
    Vice President - Kate Finn
    Treasurer - Madeline Hicks
    Spirit Commissioner - Noelle Hilario


    Petros Abrahamian
    Rylie Frank
    Alex Gerson
    Makayla Gosalvez
    Rachel Kim
    Sabrina Ponce
    Nataly Torres
    Layla Tyree
    Emma Wetzel
  • Junior Class

    President - Keira Boley
    Vice President - Garon Maxon 
    Treasurer - Evelyn Baldwin 
    Spirit Commissioner - Kaylie Koochof 

    Annie Buffolino
    Clay Cabot
    Natalia Calabria
    Michael Contreras
    Spencer Cooney
    Dylan Davis
    Isabella Hartley
    Ella Jayne
    Nicolas Kolesnikow
    Mardi Kovacs
    Briana Lenett
    Abigail Rutt
    Lauren Schlosser
    Mila Seraji
    Michael Temkin
  • Sophomore Class

    President - Olivia Turner 
    Vice President - Devin Vizzie  
    Treasurer - Charlie Wilson
    Spirit Commissioner - Frankie Smith  

    Olivia Ferrucci
    Chloe Koochof
    Andrew Lee
    Sophia Muzzey
    Aria Najmabadi
    Oscar Soto 
  • Freshman Class

    President - Amanda Alatorre
    Vice President - Missy Carrera
    Treasurer - Arman Najambadi
    Spirit Commissioner - Charlotte Henry

    Andrew Abikzer
    Madeline (Dee Dee) Baldwin
    Kaitlyn Haynes
    Sebastian Stoffers

"Wreck-It-Ralph" Rally 02/26/21

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