ASB (Student Government)

It is the aim of our ASB Government to encourage the development of leadership through directed study and practical experiences while fulfilling the Mission of the school. Events throughout the year include rallies, school dances and the Junior Unity Ceremony.

ASB Elected Officials

ASB President
Arman Najmabadi

ASB Vice President
Emerson Chasko

ASB Treasurer
Isabella Cruz

ASB Spirit Commissioner
Kiana Divinsky
ASB Publicity Commissioner
Samantha Krull

ASB Intramural Commissioner
Riley Peternel

ASB Historian
Asher Rawlins

ASB Moreau Mentors Coordinator
Sebastian Stoffers

Class Representatives

List of 4 items.

  • Senior Class

    Senior Class President
    Ethan Day

    Senior Class Vice President
    Tyler Crisci

    Senior Class Treasurer
    Tyler DeVito

    Senior Class Spirit Commissioner
    Ariana Valero

    Student Affairs Coordinator
    Missy Carrera
  • Junior Class

    Junior Class President
    Ehimen Oyamendan

    Junior Class Vice President
    Jay Vizzie

    Junior Class Treasurer
    Joseph Knepper

    Junior Class Spirit Commissioner
    Dautry Berchtold Karakasidis
  • Sophomore Class

    Sophomore Class President
    Mario Ruiz

    Sophomore Class Vice President
    Maya Brooks

    Sophomore Class Treasurer
    Holden Newhouse

    Sophomore Class Spirit Commissioner
    Abigail Orellana
  • Freshman Class

    Freshman Class President
    Jackson Richards

    Freshman Class Vice President
    Ebube Okobi

    Freshman Class Treasurer
    Ruby Watts
    Freshman Class Spirit Commissioner
    Julia Gallivan
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