Cafeteria FAQs

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  • When is the cafeteria open for business?

    Ordinarily, hours are generally 6:45 am to 4:00 pm.  If business is slow on a Gold Day, the cafeteria may close a little earlier.  The cafeteria is open until approximately 5:30 pm during Study Week – the week before finals.
  • What is a pre-paid lunch account?

    A pre-paid lunch account is a Point of Sale system that holds a student’s money in reserve until it is used to make purchases.
  • How is a lunch account activated?

    A deposit must be made into the student account.  This can be made by cash, a check (made payable to Hanna-Que, Inc.), online through, or a credit card presented in person.
  • How do I use a credit card?

    We accept Master Card and Visa.  Credit/Debit cards can be used in person in the cafeteria (minimum $25 deposit), or deposits can be made online at  Credit cards are not accepted for individual purchases.
  • How does my student utilize his/her account?

    Every student has an account.  An account can be activated simply by depositing money into it.  When a student makes a purchase, he or she will enter their student ID and the items chosen will be deducted from the balance in the account.
  • If I forget and write a cafeteria check to NDHS, will the cafeteria accept it?

    Unfortunately, our bank frowns on changing the payee on a personal check.  If your student brings in a check written to NDHS, it will be returned and another check will need to be submitted.  Again, make checks payable to “Hanna-Que, Inc.
  • How will I know if my student’s account is getting low?

    There are two ways to find out if your student account is getting low.  As the students are using their account and the balance is $10 or less, a cashier will let them know that their account is low.  If you have an account with EZSchoolPay, you can check your balance, set up email alerts and see a purchase history at any time.  It is not necessary to use this online access to make deposits.  You can sign up for an account and simply use it to monitor your lunch account.