In Memoriam


List of 10 items.

  • Class of 1990

    Shannon De Franco
    Nicole Diamond
    Christopher Kinney
    Angela Kwon
    Frederick Pinto
    Peter Slate
    Ryan Smith
  • Class of 1991

    Carlos Garcia
    Catherine Hagopian
    Gregory Parrillo
    William Steven
    Chad Vanderford
    Derek Wagner
  • Class of 1992

    Erick Bustamante
    Keith Foster
    Jason Muscarella
  • Class of 1993

    Paul Ocneanu
    Ann Vatanakul
  • Class of 1994

    Peter Assad
    Michael DeMartinis
    Andrew Dickson
    Mario Durant
    Brian Johnson
    Andrea Szabo
  • Class of 1995

    Margaret Dixon
    Margaret Savoia
  • Class of 1996

    Jonathan Charbonnet
    George Krezinger
    David Ozanich
  • Class of 1997

    Diana Andrade
  • Class of 1998

    Riley Baker
    Patrick Flanders
  • Class of 1999

    Tiffany Alcala
    Catherine Stringer 
    Antonio Vazquez
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