Liturgy & Prayer

Constitutions of the Congregation of Holy Cross

21 God has breathed his very breath into us. We speak to God with the yearning and the words of sons to a Father because the Spirit has made us adopted children in Christ. The same Spirit who provides us with the energy and impetus to follow after the Lord and to accept his mission also gives us the desire and utterance for prayer.

22 Our thoughts are not easily God’s thoughts, nor our wills his will. But as we listen to him and converse with him, our minds will be given to understand him and his designs. The more we come through prayer to relish what is right, the better we shall work in our mission for the realization of the kingdom.

23 We pray with the church, we pray in community, and we pray in solitude. Prayer is our faith attending to the Lord, and in that faith we meet him individually, yet we also stand in the company of others who know God as their Father.

24 Before the Lord we learn what is his will to be done, we ask that no one lack daily bread, we dare to match forgiveness for forgiveness and we plead to survive the test. We desire that his name be praised, that his kingdom come and that we be his faithful servants in the planting of it.

25 We find prayer no less a struggle than did the first disciples, who wearied of their watch. Even our ministry can offer itself as a convincing excuse to be neglectful, since our exertions for the kingdom tempt us to imagine that our work may supply for our prayer. But without prayer we drift, and our work is no longer for him. To serve him honestly we must pray always and not give up. He will bless us in his time and lighten our burdens and befriend our loneliness.

26 When we do serve him faithfully, it is our work that rouses us to prayer. The abundance of his gifts, dismay over our ingratitude and the crying needs of our neighbors – all this is brought home to us in our ministry and it draws us into prayer.
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