Creativity at Notre Dame

Notre Dame High School seeks to provide students with the opportunity to explore and develop their creative talents through a number of outlets. Whether it's visual arts, theatre or band, students are encouraged to challenge and express themselves through their own means of creative expression.

Student Artists of the Month

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  • Brooke Davis

    Brooke: "I think that creativity is an important part of anyone’s life. Art allows me to express myself in any way I want. Art has no boundaries, and I love being able to paint or draw whatever I feel or imagine."
  • Kaelyn Turkmany

    Kaelyn: "I do theatre at ND because I want to be on Broadway one day and I know Ms. Tepe will get me there. I have learned more in my four years at ND than I have in the many years I have been performing. I also do theatre at ND because it is place of love and acceptance and the community we have built is unlike any other. I have made bonds that I will have beyond high school and I can’t thank ND enough for that. If you want to be treated like a pro and have a learning experience of a lifetime do ND theatre!!"


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