Creativity at Notre Dame

Notre Dame High School seeks to provide students with the opportunity to explore and develop their creative talents through a number of outlets. Whether it's visual arts, theatre or band, students are encouraged to challenge and express themselves through their own means of creative expression.

Student Artists of the Month

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  • Jack Granados, Band

    Jack: I have been playing the drums for three years and I am always trying to get better. Playing music is not just having fun it's about getting better and playing music to the best of your ability.
  • Sophie Drucker, Photography

    Sophie: I have always taken an interest in art and I recently discovered my passion for photography. I’ve been so fortunate to be able to take Photography at Notre Dame, and I have gained so many skills that continue to improve my creativity and technical abilities. Spending a lot of time behind the camera has taught me to see the world through different perspectives and to notice the smaller aspects of life. Ms. May’s Photography II course has been constantly challenging me to venture out of my comfort zone, which has given me more confidence in my photographic style and shown me how powerful this art form can be.


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  • Joseph Lee

    Visual Arts Department Chair
    AP Drawing
    Art III: Painting
    Art II
    (818) 933-3651
  • Amanda Tepe

    Performing Arts Department Chair
    Acting IV Honors
    Acting III
    Acting II
    Acting I
    Improv/Film/TV Acting
    (818) 933-3649
  • David Borok '01

    Band Director
    (818) 933-3672
  • Leticia Alcuran

    Dance 2
    Dance Prop Production
    (818) 933-3672
  • Raghubir Kintisch

    Scuplture I
    Art I
    (818) 933-3600 Ext. 3302
  • Janelle Manasan '10

    Art I
    (818) 933-3600 Ext. 3462
  • Leila May

    AP 2D Art and Design
    Photography II
    (818) 933-3600 Ext. 3426
  • Matthew Pagnotta

    Percussion Ensemble
    Percussion I
    (818) 933-3672
  • Jeremiah VanSkike

    AP Music Theory
    Advanced Chorus
    Music Technology
    Music Fundamentals
    Guitar I
    (818) 933-3600 Ext. 3307
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