Dance Guard (IKB)

The Notre Dame Dance Guard is the visual performance unit that is part of the Irish Knight Band.

The IKB Dance Guard performs at football games during halftime shows, at band reviews and parades as the marching band’s auxiliary unit, and as a dance unit at concert band performances. They also compete at indoor dance competitions in the Spring semester. Dance Guard members are enrolled in the Dance Prop Production class, in which students are trained in classical dance technique (ballet) as a foundation for the other dance genres, flag, rifle, saber, and other equipment technique, and choreography.

Dance Team (Spirit)

The Notre Dame Spirit Program helps keep the school spirit alive at Notre Dame year-round. The Spirit Squads foremost purpose is to support Notre Dame Athletics by enhancing game excitement and crowd involvement. The teams also have the opportunity of performing at various rallies and school events throughout the year.

The Spirit Program consists of six teams: JV Cheer, Varsity Cheer, Competition Cheer, JV Dance, Varsity Dance and Competition Dance. You must first make either JV or Varsity Cheer in order to be considered for Competition Cheer. You must first make either JV or Varsity Dance in order to be considered for Competition Dance. 
Our mission is to create a positive and safe environment for dancers and cheerleaders to develop their self-image and confidence in a competitive environment. Spirit team members have personal goals of high academic achievement, increasing their technical abilities, learning effective time management, and forming strong relationships. We are first and foremost a family comprised of talented individuals who love our school and the Holy Cross tradition. We aim to bring this spirit of support and perseverance out into our community and daily lives.