Creativity at Notre Dame

Notre Dame High School seeks to provide students with the opportunity to explore and develop their creative talents through a number of outlets. Whether it's visual arts, theatre or band, students are encouraged to challenge and express themselves through their own means of creative expression.

Student Artists of the Month

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  • Margaret Morford

    Margaret: "Photography has managed to change my life. Whenever I shoot, my main subject is people. I have found a love for the little details that make us all unique. Along with this I have also gained a deeper appreciation for all the things we often look past, such as small gestures, expressions, and emotions. It is also extremely important to me because it allows me to display my emotions and opinions in a silent way, which are only exposed to the viewer. The individual then has the power to interpret the image however they want and in a way that they can connect too. It brings people together in an unconventional way, which is absolutely beautiful."
  • Matthew Eames and Ethan Nelson

    Matthew (Left): " Music and art are the most amazing, immersive experiences one can have. Just one sense, sound, can create the most amazing images and worlds one can ever imagine."

    Ethan (Right): "Art to me is not just the ability to express yourself in various ways but the ability to convince others of who you are. Through art such as music, bland music notes are able to be transformed into your own creation allowing others to know who you are."


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