Faith & Service
Christian Service


10 hours of service within a parish/place of worship/religiously affiliated organization or at other non-profit organizations.

Due Dates:
1st Semester: December 4, 2020

2nd Semester: April 16, 2021

“Teach us to give and not count the cost.”
 – St. Ignatius of Loyola

The Christian Service program at Notre Dame High School flows directly from “The Mission” of our school and the Integral Student Outcomes. We are here to educate the hearts and minds of our students and to do as Jesus taught as described by Fr. Basil Moreau and the Congregation of Holy Cross.

Overview of Sophomore Service Requirements

  • Required hours: 
      • 10 hours of service at a parish/place of worship/within a religious affiliated organization or at a non-profit organization within the community.
  • Examples of service for Sophomore year:
    • Volunteering at one's parish fair/carnival or other events going on at the church
    • Serving at one's temple or other place of worship
    • Volunteering at the YMCA or Interfaith Food Pantry (religiously affiliated organizations)
    • Serving at a non-profit organization within the community

  • Students enrolled in a Confirmation program requiring service hours may use some or all of those hours to fulfill the ND sophomore Christian Service requirement. (Simply attending a Confirmation program does not fulfill requirement).

  • Students are required to submit their service hours into the online service verification system (x2VOL). See “x2VOL Directions” under the "Christian Service" tab on school website; within the "Faith and Service" tab.

  • Students are allowed to complete their service hours during the summer prior to their sophomore, junior, and senior years.

  • Parents are not allowed to verify their student’s service hours.

  • To be eligible for the Christian Service Award, students must volunteer within the designated area of service for each grade level.

  • Monthly group service events will count toward service hours for all grade levels.

  • Completing service hours is a graduation requirement.  Students will not officially graduate until this requirement is fulfilled.

  • For any questions, service ideas, and/or confirmation on a project, please email Ms. Alvarez at, or come by the Christian Service office.
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