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Online Learning Protocols *Updated 10/08/20

Protocol for Online Classes at NDHS.

  1. At the start of each class, students must log on to Canvas Conferences or access the class via a Zoom link provided by the instructor.  Instructions for doing so are under the QuickLinks section of the COVID-19 information page of the NDHS website.  Technology questions and requests for help should be directed to techsupport@ndhs.org.

  2. Students are required to utilize the video component of Canvas Conferences or Zoom for class when instructed to do so by the teacher.   This means students MUST have their cameras on showing their faces and be presentable during the lesson.  Some teachers may require cameras to be on for the entire class while others may require it for part of the class.   This creates a sense of connection and promotes accountability.  Students must also have their microphones functioning and turned on when directed by the teacher.  Issues with iPad microphones should be immediately sent to techsupport@ndhs.org. Discipline infractions will be issued when a student does not have their video on when asked.

  3. Attendance will be taken twice each class, once at the beginning and once at the end. It is crucial that students join the class on time and stay for the entire class period. Students will be marked tardy if they log on after class begins up to the 15-minute mark.  Students who are late more than 15 minutes will not receive credit for the class. Parents should email the attendance office (attendance@ndhs.org) any time the student will be absent or miss more than 15 minutes of class.

  4. We will follow the blue and gold schedule with the same start and end times for each class period.

  5. Each class will begin with the teacher addressing the students and a prayer. First and fifth-period classes will also begin with the teacher reading daily announcements. Daily announcements will continue to be posted under the “parents” tab of the website.

  6. The teacher will provide the daily objective, the agenda, and will let students know how class will proceed for that day. Teachers are focused on teaching important concepts and content while providing opportunities for students to interact with the teacher and each other.

  7. At the end of the class period, the teacher will address the class, clarify what needs to be done for the next class meeting, and formally dismiss the class. 

  8. All assignments and planned assessments will be posted in the calendar feature of Canvas.

  9. Homework assignments or extensions are given for in-class assignments will be due at 8:30 am the morning of the next class meeting unless otherwise indicated on the calendar, but will not be due later the same day.

  10. Participation in class is required and will be specifically stated in teacher Course Expectations.

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