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NDHS Announcement

Dear Notre Dame Community,
The Notre Dame High School Board of Directors and Sam Laganà announce that Rob Thomas is the new Interim President of Notre Dame High School. Rob has been a valued part of the Notre Dame community for more than 40 years. Rob has been a faculty member, a dean, and the head of student life and is well-connected with the Notre Dame and Los Angeles community. Rob brings a depth and breadth of experience that represents the best of Notre Dame and is committed to continuing the legacy of the Congregation of Holy Cross.
Notre Dame sincerely thanks Sam Laganà for his service to Notre Dame for the past two and a half years. Sam is leaving Notre Dame to continue his focus on and passion for promoting and advancing youth and sports initiatives, including the prestigious John R. Wooden Award. Sam has been active with this famed award for three decades and currently serves as Board Chair. 
Under Sam’s leadership at Notre Dame, the campus has undergone a remarkable transformation, marked by significant projects such as the Justin E. Rawlins STEAM Center, the Gladys C. Burns Dining Commons, and other improvements. These endeavors have been made possible through the generous support of the Fritz B. Burns Foundation and the dedication of parents and alumni in fundraising efforts. Sam expressed his appreciation stating, "I am deeply grateful for the time I have spent at Notre Dame High School. I look forward to continuing my commitment to the school and the broader community in a new capacity, including my work with the Wooden Award."
Moving forward, Notre Dame is dedicated to its mission of providing great opportunities for students by educating hearts and minds in the Holy Cross tradition for over 75 years.
Alvan A. Arzu Esq. ‘96
Board Chair
CC: NDHS Board of Directors