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  • Photo of Anil Patel

    Mr. Anil Patel 06

    Director of Technology
    (818) 933-3604
  • Photo of Louis Weiss

    Mr. Louis Weiss 

    Director of Infrastructure & Support
    (818) 933-3689
  • Photo of Chris Lanehart

    Mr. Chris Lanehart 

    Director of Educational Technology
    (818) 933-3688
  • Photo of Akansha Singhal

    Akansha Singhal 

    Director of Information Systems
    (818) 933-3662
  • Photo of Eric Tomchak

    Mr. Eric Tomchak 17

    Information Systems Manager
    (818) 933-3677
  • Photo of Jorge Alvarez

    Jorge Alvarez 

    Educational Technology Specialist
    (818) 933-3676
  • Photo of Zack Lim

    Zack Lim 

    Technology Specialist & Asst. to the Director of Technology
    (818) 933-3690

A Message from the Director of Technology

The technical landscape has always been an evolving industry, and the Technology Department continues to be one of the most fast-paced, dynamic, critical, and challenging departments of any organization.  The dependence on innovative technologies continues to be of growing importance in all industries and now more than ever before at Notre Dame High School.

As adults within a school community, we must model for our students by developing our own growth mindset and continue to explore new approaches to learning and pedagogy. What excites me the most is how educational technology and innovation is changing the way we teach and how students are learning. Now, more than ever before, educational technology and innovation have become one of the most desired investments by schools across the globe. Where the emphasis is on problem-solving and critical thinking by captivating students through innovative technologies as opposed to rote memorization and regurgitation of facts whilst learning skills that will be crucial to them as 21st-century learners.

Technology and educational expertise move forward together to energize the learning experience. Educational technology is evolving daily and can be extremely valuable if applied appropriately. For example, adding a virtual 3D dissection to an anatomy course will captivate students. Notre Dame has been able to work technology and innovation into the curriculum and vice versa. The COVID pandemic has accelerated this process by years and both technology and education are starting to drive the curriculum together and are dependent on each other. 

Notre Dame will continue to embrace new learning technologies in providing students with quality education, even in the middle of a pandemic. The more we engage our students through mesmerizing technology, the more vested interest they will have in their ongoing education.

Mr. Anil Patel ‘06
Director of Technology

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