NDHS Book & App List

Most courses at Notre Dame have required e-books, apps and books that must be purchased before the first class session.  We do not use a third party vendor and parents will not be able to make all purchases from a single website.   Parents should purchase needed materials from the most convenient and least expensive sources available for each class.  Book lists are organized by department and provide needed titles, ISBN numbers, editions, and authors.  There is often a specific link provided to assist in finding the correct book or app.   Please pay close attention to notes requiring a specific book format or publisher.

Everything should be purchased promptly in order to make sure everything is received, installed, and ready for the start of the school year. Questions can be directed to the appropriate department chair as listed on-line in the faculty/staff directory or to Most books are instantly downloadable, so please be assured that there will be ample time to purchase books before the start of the school year.
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