Robotics teams compete in the FIRST Tech Challenge Championship (FTC). A total of approximately 180 teams from the Southern California area participate in this competition. The students design, build, program, and operate robots to compete in a head-to-head competition against other teams by developing a broad range of skills: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math, along with manufacturing, hardware, troubleshooting, critical thinking, and problem solving skills. FTC is organized as a bracket model with teams competing at the local, regional, state, national, and international level. Our teams are part of the SoCal FTC region that spans from San Juan Capistrano in the south, to Paso Robles in the north, to Palm Springs in the east, to Temecula in the southeast, and to Lancaster in the northeast. 

Varsity RoboKnights 4348

The RoboKnights, an after-school team that meets in the state-of-the-art Justin E. Rawlins STEAM Center at Notre Dame, actively participates in the First Technology Challenge Competition (FTC). Each year, we eagerly embrace a new challenge, engaging in the complete process of robot design, manufacturing, assembly, and programming. Our dynamic environment empowers students to not only enhance their knowledge in the fields of STEAM, but also equips them with the skills necessary for real-world applications. We competed against 23 schools at the FIRST Technology Challenge InterLeague Tournament and won 1st place. Additionally, we clinched the League D Championship.

JV JuniorKnights 21325

JV RoboKnights is a school-sponsored FTC team of Notre Dame High School. We split off from our Varsity team (4348 RoboKnights) in 2022 and have been competing ever since. We are more learning based, allowing students with little to no prior experience to learn and understand what FTC is all about. We have competed in ten official events, most notably the Monrovia ILT. We competed against 23 schools at the FIRST Technology Challenge InterLeague Tournament and won 2nd place. 

Our Mission

The goal of RoboKnights is to cultivate and foster student enthusiasm for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) disciplines. Students of diverse backgrounds and varying levels of expertise are welcome to engage in the exploration of mechanical and electrical engineering, design principles, programming techniques, and outreach strategies. Moreover, our emphasis extends beyond technical skills, encompassing the cultivation of teamwork, effective communication, adept time management, and the importance of mentorship. 

The RoboKnights are dedicated to building a strong community among our members, both during our activities and beyond, even after high school.

From September to April, our team actively participates in the FTC (FIRST Tech Challenge). For those new to FTC, entry begins with the JV Team 21325, and then progression to the Varsity Team 4348.

We welcome prospective members without any prerequisite experience, valuing only their expressed interest and consistent attendance, recognizing that dedication is paramount as we operate as a competitive entity.

Computer Design

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  • CAD

    We utilize Autodesk Fusion360, a Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software program, to conceptualize and design virtual models of components and assemblies. These models are then translated into physical objects through 3D printing and CNC-controlled manufacturing processes. 


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  • Manufacturing

    We utilize advanced cutting-edge technologies like Controlled Numerical Machine (CNC) for manufacturing parts on robots, transforming education into an immersive, hands-on experience.


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  • Programming

    Learning how to synchronize software and hardware using Java programming and prepares students to tackle the realities of troubleshooting.


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  • Outreach

    Throughout the year, students collaborate and foster engineering mindsets while engaging in outreach initiatives. These efforts nurture a collective vision and enthusiasm for robotics and STEAM disciplines within the community. 

Take a Look at Our Robot in Action!


League D Championship - RoboKnights (Varsity Team)
Winning Alliance - 1st Place - RoboKnights
Think Award (Engineering Portfolio) - 2nd Place
Promote Award - 2nd Place
Compass Award - 2nd Place
World Rank - 163 out of 23,060
Percentile - 97.36%
Dean's List Semifinalists - Nolan Cheng & Claire Romey

Winning Alliance - 2nd Place - JuniorKnights
Motivate Award - 3rd Place
Compass Award - 1st Place
World Rank - 878 out of 23,060
Percentile - 85.70%

2023-2024 Team Leaders

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    STEAM Coordinator &
    Computer Science & Engineering Department Chair
    Robotics Head Coach
     Engineer Your World Teacher
    CAD 1 & Product Design & 3D Printing Teacher
    STEAM Teacher
    (818) 933-3669

    AP Computer Science Principles Teacher
    AP Computer Science A Teacher
    Robotics Assistant Coach

    Robotics Mentor
    Robot Programming/Software Engineer Mentor

    Robotics Mentor
     Mechanical Engineering Mentor & Electrical Engineer Mentor
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