Congratulations, RoboKnights!

In March 2021, the RoboKnights competed in the First Tech Challenge Qualifying Tournament. 
They received first place for the Design Award, an award given to the team with the best CAD and design elements.
They also received third place for the Motivate Award, an award for community service in and out of the immediate school community.
Because of the RoboKnights Design Award win, they were advanced to the next round of competition -- the Los Angeles Remote Championship. It is a great time for the RoboKnights!!!
The Notre Dame RoboKnights are a competitive robotics team founded in 2008. They participate in two FIRST competitions: FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) and FIRST Robotics Challenge (FRC). For FTC, as it is a regional competition, the RoboKnights split into Varsity Team 4348 RoboKnights, and JV Team 11683 RoboKnights Too! The teams reunite for the bigger, international competition, FRC, and Team 3120 RoboKnights.

Our Mission

The RoboKnights strive to promote student interest in the STEM field. Students of all experience levels and backgrounds are welcomed to learn mechanical and electrical engineering, designing, programming, and marketing as well as teamwork, communication, time and money management, and mentorship. In the spirit of friendly competition, the team also teaches determination and discipline to meet competition deadlines. Students discover and learn to embraces themselves and their creativity. The RoboKnights encourage students to build a strong community with their teammates that can accompany them in and out of the workroom and even after their high school experience.

During the fall semester, the RoboKnights compete in FTC, FRC in spring. For FTC, newcomers will start off in JV Team 11683 and move on to Varsity Team 4348 after two years of competition experience.

No previous experience is required to join--only expressed interest and consistent attendance as we are a competitive team. The RoboKnights meet in Room 82 (next to the cafeteria) Monday to Thursday, after school from 3:10 to 5:00pm. Interested students should show up to meetings and talk to captains Eleanor Lee or Evyn Machi.